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Favorite cities to host events in?

All the cities in the U.S. have something unique and different to offer. The large tier 1 cities such as NY, Boston and D.C. can bring a world of history into the meeting. While the tier 2 cities, such as Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Nashville have their own sense of identity that just has a spirit to shine through the meeting.

Internationally, There is Dublin and Vienna, but Cartagena, Colombia and Victoria, B.C. have their feel also which has attendees loving every minute of the meeting.

What fun off- site events have you created? 

There was a winery in Vienna and a party at the naval private club in Colombia. One year I was able to convince a restaurant in Washington State to close down for the first time ever on a weekday for an event where we hired dueling pianos and stayed well past the time we were supposed to.


Favorite thing about events?

There is nothing more satisfying then walking into a room designed exactly how you envisioned it along with the whole week. 

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